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Recommended books for teenage and juvenile

Some great teenage/juvenile (ages 11-15) reads

  Pink Slippers, Bat mitzvah Blues- Ferida Wolff

Alyssa is torn between her ballet dancing and her Bat-mitzvah lessons. Girls will identify with her character and dilemma. A lovely, up to date story.

  What my mother doesn´´t know- Sonya Sones

Written in verse, this is a journal of a young girls highs and lows, relationships with parents, school and teenage life.

  Play to the Angel- Maurice F. Dahlberg

Gretta, is overshadowed by her brothers misical talent, but the Nazi invasion changes all that.

  Confessions of a closet Catholic- Sarah Darer Littman

Justine is confused,as to her religious identity and experiments with different religions, very humerous .

  What happened to Heather Hopkowitz-Charlotte Herman

Heather is very irreligious , after spending a weekend with her religious friend she is torn between religion and her parents. Modern and easy reading.

  All of a kind family- Sydney Taylor

The Taylor family growing up in New York at the turn of the centuary, a classic about customs and celebrations of Jewish life

  When Hitler stole Pink rabbit- Judith Kerr

Nazi Germany rears its head over Anna´s peaceful life , a lovely moving but not sentimental read.

  Kids Speak- Chaim Walder

Thirty four children tell us about themselves, their fears, joys and experiences. Readers will find many commonalities and identify with the authors.

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