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Naomi Ragen- The Saturday Wife. A sardonic look at the life of social climber Delilah Levy who marries a humble rabbi.When he is posted at her urging to an affluent, Orthodox suburb events spiral out of control. The book exposes the hypocrisy and excess of American life with disastrous results.

The women´s Minyan- Naomi Ragen- A play by this popular author. Set in an Ultra Orthodox family , the story show the lives of a family of 12 whose mother has left. As the story unravels we learn why she has left and the hatred the family has to deal with. The play shows that all is not as it appears on the surface.

Lily Brett- You gotta have balls. This is hilarious. Control freak Ruth has to deal with her 87 year old father who has arrived to live with her after the death of his wife. When he moves in with a Polish woman 20 years younger and decides to open a restaurant selling only meatballs she is horrified.

Ayelet Walman- Love and other impossible pursuits. A book for all stepmothers, how a stepmom comes eventually to love and accept her 5 year old stepson after losing her own baby. Funny and sas.

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